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Safety and environmental preservation are the two prime concerns that every oil & gas company must address in our modern world. Safety aspects in the form of installation design, material usage and function are critical success factors in this industry, while disasters such as oil spills reaffirm the preservation of our environment as the other highest priority on any company's agenda.

A 21st century company incepted to tackle 21st century challenges, Gardyon envisions itself to be the global protector of onshore and offshore oil and gas assets. Innovation engineering in thermal science and technology lies at the very heart of Gardyon's creation. Gardyon operates on the tenet that the best solutions require an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics, trends and challenges. Providing innovative engineering solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients serve as our fuel and catalyst.

At Gardyon, we place great emphasis on building long-term symbiotic relationships with our clients. This is because we understand that our clients' success is essential to that of our own. By partnering with Gardyon, our clients will achieve market dominance through breakthrough technology in thermal science. Gardyon is committed to pioneering solutions that outperform conventional systems in terms of efficiency and ultimately, profitability. By doing so, we seek to unlock new opportunities and potential for the businesses of our clients in the markets they operate.

Garydon is inspired by the infinite possibilities of thermal science application in the global oil & gas and petrochemicals industry. Gardyon will challenge industry norms and standard practice every day by simply asking, "Why Not?". As a thought leader in the field, Gardyon will continue to transform the way oil and gas facilities around the world are safeguarded.