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Gardyon is a global company committed to protecting your onshore and offshore oil & gas assets. Focused on innovation in the field of engineered fire protection, Gardyon pioneers solutions using in-depth Research & Development, advanced Engineering & Design skills, and highly efficient Manufacturing facilities. Its innovative solutions are only the means to an end, which is a peace of mind that we bring to the table.


At Gardyon, every innovative idea is backed by a comprehensive execution plan from inception to commercialization. We believe that innovation and execution are not mutually exclusive, and our ability to get both of these elements right, makes us leaders in our own right.

Our extensive experience in the development, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fire protection and thermal systems ensures that every innovation idea is materialized to its full potential.

Gardyon Research Development


Gardyon uniquely has an understanding and knowledge of the driving forces behind the use and application of fire protection systems. Because of Gardyon's active support and participation of the activities of research and standards organisations, such as UK National Standards Body (BSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Gardyon is able to influence and anticipate future testing and regulatory requirements.

Gardyon understands the need to innovate and develop safer and more efficient solutions. One of the most important developments has been to incorporate the ISO jet fire test standard in our comprehensive programme of testing and certification. Lloyd’s Register under their Type Approval scheme have certified Gardyon's engineered pre-cast panel system, "Charcast®7", as well as Gardyon's flexible jacket system, "ISO-JF180". These systems represent engineered thermal solutions for both fire and blast protection.

Gardyon Engineering Design


At Gardyon, we pride ourselves on our ability to convert innovative ideas into actual life- and asset-saving solutions. Assuring the designs have the necessary National Authority and Classification Society approvals, Gardyon conducts in-house detailed engineering & design to provide turnkey solutions.

No other company offers such a range of engineering skills – this allows our clients to have full confidence in entrusting their fire protection and insulation requirements from design to installation to a single-source service provider, regardless of geographical location. Every Gardyon engineered solution is approved and certified as appropriate for weather and environmental protection, durability, fire performance, insulation performance, corrosion protection and aesthetics. These qualifications are further enhanced by the necessary National Authority and Classification Society approvals.

Gardyon Manufacturing


Gardyon's highly efficient manufacturing facilities are coupled closely to in-house design expertise, assuring that all products are right the first time, and on time. Our global material supply partners who support our manufacture also bring to the table decades of expertise and an in-depth background in this high-level technology. The seamless flow from research and development, to design and engineering, to in-house manufacturing ensures that every Gardyon engineered solution is precision-crafted bringing the maximum value to the customer. The high level of finish, which is enabled by our precision manufacturing capabilities, ensures that the system is instantly recognisable as another quality product from Gardyon. It emphasizes Gardyon’s commitment to detail, and provides clients with the peace of mind that Gardyon’s products will continue to perform consistently at its peak - be it day one, or two decades later.

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