North America Project Highlights

Bullet Tank Fire Protection Upgrade Project

System Requirements: Jet Fire 2 hrs + Provisions for Removable Fire Protection Inspection Panels for Vessels

In 2011, a fire protection study was completed at a US Major Gas Plant. Based on the report’s fire protection criteria recommendation to reduce the risk of loss of containment (prolonged flame impingement on Propane bullet Tanks leading to BLEVE), Gardyon’s Charcast®7 fire protection system was specially chosen by the client to provide unique removable inspection covers for three Propane vessels: (1) NGL Product Surge Drum – 53’ long x 12’ Dia., (2) NGL Product Surge Drum – 53’ long x 12’ Dia., and (3) Propane Refrigerant Accumulator – 48’ long x 9’ Dia. The Charcast®7 Removable Inspection Covers were engineered and designed specifically for the given scope of work including provisions to ensure inspection locations are accessible via inspection ports and manway access. The fire protection materials provided are fully certified and meet the required Jet Fire performance levels.

India project highlights

Installation of Accommodation Modules & Blocks

System Requirements: Jet Fire 30 mins + Hydrocarbon Fire 60 mins + Blast 0.2 Barg

Engineering was conducted by an internationally recognized engineering house under contract by the client. Charcast®7 was chosen to provide adequate protection to the Living Quarters of the Offshore Process Platform from any potential jet fires from the process area for a practically reasonable time period. The epoxy intumescent materials have been used and established as the norm for provision of fire protection needs. A number of new test methods and standards have been developed by the need to test and evaluate these materials’ capabilities in jet fire environments. The Charcast®7 materials are the most extensively tested and third party certified materials which have been used in offshore Installations.

South Amerika Project Highlights

Riser Balcony Vertical Division

System Requirements: Jet Fire 45 mins

The innovative Charcast®7 system as engineered by Gardyon, with its features and benefits of being a modular dry-fit demountable fire protection system, was finally chosen as an alternative to conventional methods. Fully tested and certified to international standards, Gardyon's subsidiary company, Thermal Limitec was awarded the contract to engineer and supply the JF-45 rated engineered firewall protection system located on the FPSO main deck riser porch for an approximate length of 80 metres, separating the riser balcony from the ESDV platform.