Flare Tower Structure

Flare Tower Structure

System Requirements: Jet Fire 60 mins

The Flare Tower Structure had been protected against a possible jet fire scenario with an epoxy type intumescent fire protection system. However, due to increased production resulting in higher flare temperatures, the intumescent fire protection had hardened and cracked over the years thus allowing water to penetrate beneath the fire protection system creating a high risk of corrosion under insulation. A decision was taken by the client to remove this system, refurbish the Flare Tower structure and apply a light weight removable fire protection system.

In February 2012, Gardyon’s ISO-JF180 Jet Fire Flexible Jacket System was specially chosen by the client for this application due to its high resistance against jet fires and also its ability to withstand the long term harsh offshore environment.

The Jacket System was designed to withstand a 60 minute jet fire and included all secondary steel work and major supports from ground level up to an elevation of 37 metres.

North America

Pipings, Valves, Flanges, Pipe Supports, etc.

System Requirements: Jet Fire 60 mins + Static Blast Overpressure of 0.56 barg + Dynamic Blast Pressure of 0.3 barg

Gardyon's ISO-JF180 Jet Fire Jacket System was the premier fire protection solution used for the given scope of work. The scope of work for the ISO-JF180 Jet Fire Jacket System was provided on the Piping, Pipe Supports, Reducers, Elbows, Tees, Valves (including shut-down valves, double block bleed valves, diaphragm bleed valves and ball valves), Flanges (including hub Grayloc connectors, clamp and seal rings at riser connections), Dresser Couplings, and Firewater Line Valves.


Process Modules, Supports, Risers, Shutdown Valves

System Requirements: Jet Fire 60 mins + Hydrocarbon Fire Level 1 (60 mins) + Pool Fire 120

Gardyon’s J60 & H120 Flexible Engineered Fire Protection Enclosure Removable Jacket System was provided on the Tubular Module Structural Supports, Process Piping (including 12” gas import lines, 10” oil import lines, 10” production lines, 6” gas lift lines), Riser Supports, Flanges (including hub connectors with clamp and swing rings at riser connections) & Valves (including shut-down valves FB SDV, and ball valves with blind flanges).