Thermal Limitec

Thermal Limitec inherited its values almost 50 years ago as part of one of the oldest and most respectable contracting businesses in Singapore and the Region, servicing the Marine industry in the field of Thermal Insulation and Refractory Linings.

Within a short period of time, services were extended to the Petroleum industry and various plants in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Thermal Limitec’s ranges of services were also expanded into being a Specialist Contractor in the field of Thermal Insulation, Refractory Linings, Fire Protection, and Asbestos Removal & Abatement, Acid/Proof/Chemical Resistant applications for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Marine & Offshore industries.

Continuously transforming itself, Thermal Limitec has transitioned from an essentially fire and insulation manufacturer and installation company, to a major worldwide engineering company reputed for its capabilities that include first principle engineering, CAD and graphic document production, manufacture, installation and project & contract management.

Today, Thermal Limitec, a subsidiary of the Gardyon Group, is a recognised global leader in Engineered Thermal Protection Solutions & Technologies, continuously striving to provide innovative and quality tested & certified fire protection systems and services to the Offshore, Refining and Petrochemical industries on a worldwide basis.

As a trusted specialist turnkey engineering contractor in the Oil & Gas industry, the different components of Thermal Limitec’s technological expertise complement each other in proving the Company’s world renowned technical ability and reliability.

Thermal Limitec combines its Project & Contract Management knowledge and experience with its innovative Engineering Services to provide cost effective Engineered Thermal Protection Solutions & Technologies. This has resulted in the development of engineered jet fire protection systems for onshore & offshore installations such as bulkheads & underdecks, cable trays & enclosures, fire divisions, pipes, equipment & fittings, structural steel members, valves & actuators, and vessels. These systems are certified with fire ratings from A60 to H120 and Jet Fire, and as a Licensed Manufacturer for the Gardyon Group, Thermal Limitec is able to manufacture and supply these systems to our international clients and partners.

Equipped with in-depth Design Capabilities and Computer Modeling techniques, our Engineering team is able to design and engineer fire protection solutions that not only meet the customer’s design criteria, but are based on material data, with corrorboration by full scale fire testing. Thermal Limitec is at the forefront of Standards Compliance and readily carries out Risk & Fire Hazard Surveys where required to provide careful analytical considerations of objectives and expectations in the development and application of our fire protection systems. As a global company, our Logistic Management team works to ensure that high quality service and materials are delivered and installed to our customers’ expectations, anywhere in the world. Thermal Limitec takes prides in providing this Turnkey Installation full service programme of engineering, design, manufacture, and installation of our systems and products.

Features and Benefits

Our extensive technical knowledge and experience in Project and Contract Management have resulted in a successful and expanding customer base, which already includes oil and gas majors such as BG, BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Petrobras, Pemex, Shell and, Total, and operators of offshore installations such as SBM.

Africa Flare Tower Structure

We strive to provide our customers with world class engineering services and innovative solutions where the circumstances require more than just the standard industry solution. This is made possible through our Product & Engineering Division (P&ED) which is an in-house engineering resource that supports both distribution and construction activities.

The P&ED team comprises talented and experienced individuals from diverse engineering backgrounds, many of whom are distinguished individuals in their respective fields. From inception to commercialisation, Thermal Limitec combines its innovative engineering services and experience to provide cost-effective solutions.

Africa Flare Tower Structure

As a Licensed Manufacturer for Gardyon, Thermal Limitec brings together the manufacturing technology, assets, experience and scale necessary to successfully compete in the fire protection business, which is a fast growing market segment. We also work closely with various internationally recognised partners to provide engineered fire protection systems, which systems are currently certified for Hydrocarbon Fire 120 mins & Jet Fire 180 mins.